​College Republicans slam faculty union for allegedly offering to help vandal lawyer-up

The student claims that soon after, the school told her that her “charges were dropped.”

After an incident where a student vandalized a Chico State Republicans booth, the school’s faculty union allegedly offered legal assistance to the vandal.

A conservative group at California State University-Chico is speaking out against the school’s faculty association for allegedly offering legal assistance to a student that vandalized the group’s property.

The California Faculty Association (CFA) at Chico allegedly offered legal assistance to a student who was facing disciplinary action after being caught on video confronting the Chico State Republicans and ripping flags off of their recruitment booth.

A screenshot posted on social media by the student in question shows an alleged member of CFA claiming “the California Faculty Association of chico state wants to help you.” The message goes on to explain that the administration wants to “hold the administration accountable.” 

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The alleged faculty member also claims that this service is “usually only available for faculty” and goes on to ask, “Is it OK with you if a lawyer sitting on your hearing?” 

Campus Reform reached out to CFA for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

Social media posts made by the same student after her post of the CFA conversation claim that she “got a call from the school telling me all my charges were dropped”. The school would not release information to Campus Reform to confirm this statement. 

“It’s upsetting that the teachers union at our school has made an effort to protect students who target their conservative peers. We have always known a few professors have openly advocated violence against us but did not expect the entire board of the CFA to get involved,” Chico State Republicans Vice President Elizabeth Terpening told Campus Reform.

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Terpening, who witnessed the attack from the student on the booth went on to say, “I hope the school didn’t just drop the charges against the student. She has harassed us multiple times throughout the semester and specifically targets our minority members. She is hostile, abusive, and an actual racist. After her actions she has taken against our club I do not feel safe with her on campus.”

The CFA has been quick to criticize the Chico State Republicans over the events that occurred on campus, even releasing a statement labeling them as white supremacists just last week.

Campus Reform reached out to CSU Chico President Gayle Hutchinson for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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