Columbia University now offering abortion medication on campus

​Columbia University has began offering abortion medication -on campus to students who are enrolled at the institution.

Columbia University has begun offering abortion medication -on campus to students who are enrolled at the institution.

According to the Columbia Spectator, the university offers the service to students who paid the Health and Related Services Fee, as well as any spouses or domestic partners on the university’s plan. The service began on March 18, and will be given “if clinically appropriate.”

A press release from the university states that the abortion medication will be given to students at no additional cost.

”The added offering enhances access to care and reaffirms our commitment to supporting students’ reproductive rights,” a press release states. “The introduction of medication abortion as an on-campus service enhances access to a service that is already—and will continue to be—available to students through expedited referrals to Columbia Doctors; an off-campus network of abortion providers; and coverage of pregnancy termination for students on the Columbia Student Health Insurance Plan. ”

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Nearby Barnard College will also offer abortion medication to students, but has pushed its rollout to late May.

According to the student newspaper, any student considering medication abortion are asked to speak with a nurse who is on the Medical Abortion Team “to assess whether it is clinically appropriate to proceed with a medication abortion.”

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Mifepristone will be given to students who want a medication abortion during their in-person appointment, and they will also take one dose of misoprostol after.