Conservative group blasts 'dangerous' 'White male' comments by former CIA director-turned academic

Former CIA Director John Brennan said on MSNBC that he is “embarrassed to be a White male.”

A conservative student group at UT-Austin, where Brennan is now a Distinguished Scholar, said the comment was "dangerous."

Former CIA Director John Brennan — who is listed as a Distinguished Scholar at the University of Texas-Austin — said on national television that he is “embarrassed to be a White male.”

During an MSNBC segment on March 1, Brennan was asked to explain his views about the Capitol riot and its fallout. Host Nicolle Wallace asked Brennan whether the Republicans could continue to claim their support for law and order.

“I’m increasingly embarrassed to be a White male these days with what I see other White males say,” said Brennan to the laughter of Wallace. “With very few exceptions, like Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, there are so few Republicans in Congress who value truth, honesty, and integrity.”

It is not clear how Brennan’s race directly related to the conversation.

Currently, Brennan — who, in addition to several homeland security positions, served as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency under the Obama administration — works for the University of Texas’s Intelligence Studies Project.

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Based on the conviction that intelligence services are “increasingly critical to safeguarding our national security,” the Intelligence Studies Project offers courses, research projects, and conferences about intelligence topics.

Conservative students at the University of Texas were not thrilled with Brennan’s remarks.

“This is a dangerous message to push on students of any race,” the Young Conservatives of Texas’s UT-Austin chapter told Campus Reform. “We are all children of God, made in His own image; we should not be made to feel ashamed for how God made us.”

Academia is becoming increasingly embroiled in the notion that White people are inherently racist and in need of atonement for their race.

For instance, Campus Reform reported that a Washington & Lee University economics professor repeatedly proclaimed on social media that “something is wrong with White folk.”

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In some cases, pressure for White people to apologize manifests in religious terms. 

A professor at St. Olaf’s College — a Lutheran institution — called for the school to “repent” of its systemic racism and support of “white supremacy.”

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According to multiple theologians, this definition of repentance contradicts the definitions provided by the Bible and affirmed by Martin Luther himself.

Campus Reform is working to make contact with Brennan; this article will be updated accordingly.

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