Cow manure allegedly disrupts screening of 'What is a Woman?' at UC Davis

A Turning Point USA chapter alleges that a group of ‘antifa individuals’ threw cow manure into a UC Davis classroom during a screening of ‘What is a Woman?’

The incident comes nearly a month after UC Davis canceled a Turning Point USA event because of clashes between protesters and counter-protesters.

On November 28, someone allegedly threw a trash bag of cow manure into a Turning Point USA (TPUSA) meeting room at the University of California, Davis (UC Davis). 

TPUSA’s stated mission “is to identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote freedom.”

Luke Shalz, Vice President of the UC Davis TPUSA chapter, told Campus Reform that the incident happened as students from multiple schools watched the Matt Walsh documentary “What is a Woman?” 

Walsh’s documentary “questions the logic behind a gender ideology movement that has taken aim at women and children” according to the website of its producer, The Daily Wire

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Shalz said that he pursued the “antifa individuals” and called the police with the assistance of the leader of another TPUSA chapter. Shalz and the other leader, who wishes to be identified as Luke B., chased one individual until they were off campus. 

“Then, a woman in black-bloc attire, who had tried to block my exit from the building a few minutes before, ran up to us telling us to leave him alone,” Shalz said. “I told her that the police were on their way. She then pepper sprayed both [Luke B.] and [me].” 

Antifa, or “anti-fascist,” is a loosely organized far-left movement that protests social justice causes across the country. When Black Lives Matter protests formed over the murder of George Floyd in 2020, former President Donald Trump accused antifa of causing violence between the police and protestors in cities like Portland, Oregon. 

Over two dozen antifa rioters received charges in 2021 for smashing windows, starting fires, and other activities during Portland riots. Antifa protesters often wear “black bloc,” or all black attire. 

Luke B. captured the incident on video. TPUSA field representative Amber Kleinke tweeted the videos along with a photo of TPUSA members speaking to police officers and possibly receiving medical attention for the pepper spray. 

Andy Fell, the UC Davis Police Department public information officer, told Campus Reform that “UC Davis police did respond to this incident and took a report.” 

“The matter is under investigation,” Fell said. 

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Another photo shows what looks like a bag of cow manure outside a UC Davis classroom. A UC Davis TPUSA Instagram post shows members posing next to the bag with signs that read “Be Pro America” and “The pursuit of virtue is what liberty is all about,” a quote from TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk

We host a movie, the Left dumps crap and pepper sprays,” the post reads. “How loving and tolerant.”

The incident comes nearly a month after UC Davis canceled a TPUSA event featuring Stephen Davis, known as the “MAGA Hulk,” because over 100 protesters and counter-protesters clashed outside the venue. Campus Reform reported that UC Davis made attempts “to defund its police department” before the Stephen Davis protests, which ended in “pepper spray being used, barricades being knocked down and traffic cones being removed.”

Campus Reform contacted Amber Kleinke, Luke B., and UC Davis for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.