Dershowitz offers pro bono lawsuit against pro-Hamas protesters and 'everybody involved in hurting Jews'

'Let's sue anybody who harrassed, pushed a Jew or anyone else.'

Alan Dershowitz has offered to bring a pro-bono lawsuit against Students for Justice in Palestine and other organizations behind the violent anti-Semitic riots and protests that have taken over America’s college campuses.

’Let’s bring them to court,’ Dershowitz said Tuesday during an interview with Fox News, as NYPD finally entered Columbia University to apprehend students who had taken over and occupied a campus building. “Let’s sue anybody who harrassed, pushed a Jew or anyone else. Let’s take it into our own hands. It’s not enough to count on the police.”

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”The police can do the job of clearing out the building, but the DA is then going to drop the charges,” he continued “You can’t drop a charge if we bring a civil lawsuit. So I urge other lawyers in New York– Jews, Gentile, any lawyer– join me, pro bono, in bringing a lawsuit against everybody involved in hurting Jews.”