Emory University hosts ‘abortion as a moral good’ lecture

Emory University hosted a lecture, titled, “Reframing Choice: Abortion as a Moral Good” on Monday. 

The event was sponsored by the Center for Women at Emory and the Emory Reproductive Health Association.

Dr. Rebecca Todd Peters, a Christian feminist professor at Elon University, delivered the lecture. Peters is the author of Trust Women: A Progressive Christian Argument for Reproductive Justice. Trust Women argues that the judging and shaming of women who choose to have abortions is caused by racism and patriarchy, according to the book’s description.

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“The lecture will focus on reframing the public conversation about abortion in this country,” Peters said in a statement to Campus Reform before the event. “My hope for the lecture is that it will generate a respectful and productive conversation about abortion and reproductive justice.”

 But the Emory College Republicans were less positive about the lecture.

“Emory GOP, of course, is very disappointed in the university’s overt decision to support this event,” an Emory College Republicans spokesperson said to Campus Reform. “However, we do respect the right...to speak about this topic.”

 “We actually have a few members that are going to the event to ask questions and encourage an important dialogue on the disastrous implications of this speaker’s message,” the spokesperson noted. 

 Other colleges and universities have also expressed favorable views on abortion. Ohio State University featured its first-ever sex week, which included talks about abortion’s “stigma,” and Planned Parenthood helped sponsor the event. 

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Additionally, a professor at the University of Utah wrote an op-ed calling Utah’s 15-week limit on abortion “barbaric” and “unconstitutional.”

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