EXCLUSIVE: Democratic employees at Yale University outnumber Republicans more than 9:1

A Campus Reform analysis found that Democratic employees outnumber Republican employees by a ratio of more than 9:1.

A Campus Reform analysis of voter data from employees at Yale University found that Democratic employees at the Ivy League institution outnumber their Republican counterparts by a ratio of more than 9:1.

The analysis found that of the employees at Yale University who are registered to vote, 1,162 of them are Democrats, while just 126 of them are Republicans. The analysis also found that two employees are registered Green Party voters, one is a registered Libertarian Party voter, 510 did not declare a party, and 2,438 did not indicate a party on their voter registration.

Campus Reform obtained this data through an open records request.

Similarly, Democratic employees at the University of Pennsylvania outnumber Republicans by a ratio of 13:1, as Campus Reform reported. At the University of Pennsylvania, 181 are Democrats, while just 14 are Republicans.

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This data isn’t uncommon, however. Employees at colleges and universities across the country are overwhelmingly Democratic, as an analysis by the National Association of Scholars found.  The survey of 12,372 professors across the country found that there were “10,260 nondonors, 2,081 Democratic donors, 22 Republican donors, and 9 donors to both parties across both election cycles.”

The NAS study found that donations to Democratic and Republican candidates among college and university employees is 95:1, meaning that “the donations are almost exclusively to Democratic candidates and committees,” according to the study.

Campus Reform previously analyzed data from the Federal Election Commission containing political donations at the University of California and Stanford University.

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Employees at the University of California gave $62,106.32 to Harris’ 2020 presidential campaign, while employees at Stanford University gave $31,735.93.

Ahead of the Nov. 3 presidential election, Campus Reform will provide further reporting on just how much money has been given to Democrats by employees at Yale University, as well as other leading institutions.

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