EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Antifa protesters try - and fail - to shut down Charlie Kirk event

Protesters at California State University-Long Beach chanted “shut it down” and “Charlie Kirk must go” in response to the Turning Point USA leader’s Campus Clash event on Tuesday night.

Signs reading “smash fascism,” “unite to fight patriarchy and bigotry,” and “No room for fascists” were held up. 

Antifa also encouraged CSULB students on its Twitter account and website to “please consider registering to pack the auditorium and disrupt the event.” Campus Reform obtained the following footage of some of the protests. 

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The group also created a Facebook event, titled “Unwelcome on Campus” to spread the word.

”The presence of this group [TPUSA] on campus threatens the security of people of color, queer folks, immigrants, and people from different religious backgrounds. The message of Turning Point and Charlie Kirk is racist, misogynistic, anti-LGBTQ, anti-Muslim, and xenophobic masked under the principles of free speech,” the Facebook event description for the planned protests reads. 

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”This organization claims the right of free speech but only as a method to preserve capitalist, white supremacist, and patriarchal systems. This is a call for action. We must not allow TPUSA to hold space at CSULB and we must speak out against their hate tactics. Join us in resisting white supremacy and defending our campus community,” it adds.  

Lt. Richard Goodwin of the CSU-Long Beach Police Department told Campus Reform that “there were no major disturbances” at the protest and that “there did appear to be members of the Antifa group present.” 

”There were no arrests made,” Goodwin said, adding that there were “about 75 to 120 protesters making up both the ‘left’ and ‘right’ factions.”

It’s hardly the first time Antifa protesters have attempted to silence Kirk. Campus Reform has reported similar incidents at other universities across the country this year alone, including in Florida and Pennsylvania

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