EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Conservative students reveal just how bad liberal bias on campus has become

Almost all students said liberal bias was a problem on their campuses.

Campus Reform recently asked students to share their experiences of facing liberal bias on campus.

Campus Reform recently asked students at the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida to share their experiences with liberal biases on college campuses. 

Students responded by sharing stories that included facing liberal bias in and out of the classroom, as well as experiencing pushback when engaging in activism on campus. 

“You can’t talk in class,” one student said. “They’re trying to shut up your viewpoint.” 

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“[Professors] come up and they harass us about our ‘taxation is theft’ signs mostly because a lot of them are self-proclaimed socialists,” another student said. 

“My [resident assistant] once said that she has an implicit bias against straight white males because of privilege,” one student lamented. 

Other students commented on being conservative in the classroom. 

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“My professors unapologetically just rant against Trump in class,” a different student added. 

“People are very scared to be open about being conservative,” another student said. 

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