EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Pro-Israel students counterprotest pro-Hamas classmates

In opposition to the anti-Semitic rally, pro-Israeli students gathered around an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) flag and the Israeli flag.

On Oct. 30, the Florida State University Students for a Democratic Society (FSU SDS), a leftist organization, held another rally in support of Hamas’ attack where they condemned the state of Israel and demanded that the United States withdraw support. 

In opposition to the rally, pro-Israeli students gathered around an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) flag and the Israeli flag. 

One pro-Israel student at Florida State University shouted “The Jewish people would not be erased!”. That led the pro-Palestinian students to erupt into more chanting of “Free free Palestine!”, “Viva viva Palestina!”, and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!”

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Shortly afterward, a student representing FSU SDS—who goes by the name Oliver Cheese on Instagram—delivered a speech that opened in part with “Anti-Semitism is a cancer, but anti-Zionism is a duty!”

“Israel is not a Jewish state,” he continued. “It does not uphold Jewish values, it does not protect the Jewish community. The only thing which Israel considers sacred is the U.S. funding it gets to commit a genocide.”

Oliver Cheese flying first class to Europe. Source: Instagram oliver.cheese

Oliver Cheese claimed that “The only thing that Israel values is its own colonial expansion.” He also stated that Israel was created and is currently run by Western powers from Washington and Wall Street. “The so-called state of Israel is nothing but a gigantic military base… it is the art of Western imperialism and colonialism.” 

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After Oliver Cheese’s speech concluded, the pro-Hamas students directed their attention to the pro-Israeli students. “It shakes my core because how, how in your mind can you think that you’re standing for justice when genocide is what they stand for?” another speaker said before the group of students began shouting “Shame! Shame! Shame!” to the Israel supporters. 

FSU SDS’ rally, which is the third that Campus Reform has covered in recent weeks, was co-hosted by FSU Generation ActionVeg FSU, and the Florida Palestine Network

The protestors also individually called out Campus Reform Florida Student Reporter William Biagini and Florida’s Voice reporter Owen Girard—stating that they were both from “far-right, Islamaphobic” organizations and proceeded to boo them and yell “Shame!”

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