EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Young Americans react to calls to 'defund the police'

As calls to defund the police continue to grow at colleges and universities, Campus Reform interviewed students on the subject.

Several students agreed with calls to defund the police, while others weren’t so sure.

As the list of schools with students petitioning to defund police departments, Campus Reform went out in Miami, Florida, and spoke with students and young Americans about the proposal.

Not surprisingly, several individuals agreed with calls to defund the police.

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“I think we should defund the police just because I don’t think it’s fair how they’re treating people,” one person said. 

“We should defund them a little bit, but not completely because I think police bring order” another added. 

Others weren’t so sure. 

“I think that’s an awful idea,” one person disagreed before also criticizing her fellow peers for jumping on the bandwagon. 

“Most young people are kind of like sheep, and they’re quick to kind of follow anything that calls for like ‘justice’ and like ‘this is what’s like trendy’ and they don’t really think it through as much as they should.” 

“If you defund the police, it just defunds the whole security system that we have,” another agreed. 

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When pressed on who would arrest criminals if police were defunded, and who individuals could call in the case of emergency, some conceded that police would be necessary. 

“I mean we still need people to protect us...if you can’t call the police what are you going to do.”

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