‘Graygender, Maverick, Feminine of Center’: NYU lists TWO DOZEN gender options

A New York University form offered over two dozen options for gender.

Among these options were “maverick,”“gender apathetic,” “graygender,” “neutrois,” and “feminine of center.”

New York University provided more than two dozen gender options on a student survey.

In February, the school’s Office of Equity, Belonging, and Community Action sent the survey to students’ email addresses, Campus Reform has confirmed. 

”This survey originated from the Steinhardt Office of Equity and Belonging,” Director of Teacher Education and Vice Chair of the Department of Teaching and Learning Diana Turk told Campus Reform in an email. Turk is listed among the faculty members who work within the Office of Equity, Belonging, and Community Action.

“This survey was designed by my office to understand everyone’s experiences and sense of belonging at the school,” explained Director of Equity Initiatives Maria Ramirez on Facebook. “We’ll be using the data to inform our equity work in hopes of making Steinhardt a better place for everyone, especially our more vulnerable peers.”

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Campus Reform was unable to independently confirm the exact contents of the survey, but it reportedly included a question about gender identity, which allowed students to choose from more than 30 different options.

Among these options were “boi,” “maverick,” “aliagender,” “butch,” “demiboy,” “gender apathetic,” “graygender,” “pangender,” “neutrois,” “masculine of center,” and “feminine of center.”

Campus Reform has reported on several similar gender lists provided by leading American universities.

Georgia State University, for instance, provided ten pronoun options for a women’s business school event. Students could select pronouns such as “ey,” “xie,” “hir,” “vis,” and “eirs.” “Yoself” was listed as an option alongside “yo” and “yos.”

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Campus Reform reached out to the NYU media relations department and Ramirez for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.

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