Harvard Law offering class on Trump ‘impeachment and removal’

Harvard Law School is currently offering a class dedicated to the “impeachment and removal by other means” of President Trump. 

Constitutional Law 3.0: The Trump Trajectory” is currently being taught by Laurence Tribe, a high-ranking professor at Harvard Law School who has appeared in numerous TV and print interviews calling for Trump’s impeachment. 

Enrollment was capped at just 12 students, each of whom had to submit a CV along with a statement of interest for Tribe’s consideration when they applied to enroll in the two-credit course.

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Students are learning about “how we might expect the Constitution to constrain Trump’s execution of his powers and duties, and what #impeachment and removal by other means might resemble in the Trump era,” the course description explains. 

While the course description is short, Tribe has made his position on Trump very clear. Not only is his forthcoming book—To End a Presidency: The Power of Impeachment (May 2018)—dedicated to it, but Tribe has recently called for impeachment in numerous ways. 

One of his most prominent essays is “Trump must be impeached. Here’s why,” published in The Washington Post last May, in which he called for the immediate launch of an impeachment investigation on Trump or else “risk tying our nation’s fate to the whims of an authoritarian leader.” 

“It would be a terrible shame if only the mounting prospect of being voted out of office in November 2018 would sufficiently concentrate the minds of representatives and senators today,” he wrote, concluding by calling for “the machinery of removal [to] be reactivated.” 

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In an MSNBC appearance shortly afterwards, Tribe doubled-down on his stance. 

”Letting him just sit out the time...is too dangerous for the country,” Tribe declared. “We have to start an impeachment investigation in the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee now while the FBI continues to do its work…”

Tribe is also a prominent figure on Twitter, where he frequently attacks the Trump administration and the GOP. 

“A party that embraces @realDonaldTrump and disses Sen. @JeffFlake is a party that no decent person can tolerate. Change it or leave it,” he recently tweeted, adding to an already-lengthy list of tweets about Trump and potential Russian interference. 

Tribe’s class was apparently very popular during registration period, with Tribe’s assistant posting a public announcement to law students noting that “there were many more applicants than the deliberately limited size of the seminar could accommodate.”

Campus Reform reached out to both Tribe and Harvard Law School for comment, but did not receive a response from either in time for publication. 

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