Harvard prof calls Trump a ‘neo-fascist gangster’

Harvard philosophy professor Cornel West referred to President Donald Trump as a “neo-fascist gangster” at a campaign rally for Sen. Bernie Sanders Monday night in New Hampshire.

The professor who has publicly endorsed Sanders issued a call to action to the reported 7,500 attendees at the University of New Hampshire’s Whittemore Center in Durham. He urged Sanders supporters to participate in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday and encouraged them to remove President Donald Trump from office.

“And we are going to remove our fellow citizen, a neo-fascist gangster from the White House now in Manchester, he’s got to go. You got to go! You got to go!” West said.

West continued his speech to refer to the Sanders campaign as a “movement” with a “moral and spiritual power” behind it.

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The professor elaborated on his description of Trump as a “neo-fascist gangster” by claiming that he keeps ordinary people fighting amongst each other rather than confronting elites at the top. West also claimed that Trump believes in the “rule of big military and big money” and aims to divide people by their class, color, sexual orientation, and religious beliefs. 

Although he went after Trump on Monday, West does not attribute the so-called “neo-fascist movement” in the United States solely to the president. He has made previous statements claiming that although he believes Trump is a neo-fascist, he believes America has always been a white supremacist country.

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“We’ve got to have moral and spiritual power behind our movement. Are we going to stay together? Are we going to fight together? Are we going to go all the way together? Behind Bernie Sanders? Let’s do it in New Hampshire!” West said at the rally.

The event also featured a concert by the rock band The Strokes and had other guests such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), and actress Cynthia Nixon.

Campus Reform reached out to Cornel West and Harvard but did not receive comment in time for publication. 

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