Harvard's China ties are even stronger than you thought

A new analysis by Bloomberg has found that more than 100 U.S. colleges and universities have accepted money from China as questions mount about the Chinese government’s attempts to influence American higher education. 

Some well-known universities have been caught receiving funding from China, including Harvard University, which has received $93.7 million from China since 2013, according to the analysis.

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The University of Southern California ($67.9 million) and the University of Pennsylvania ($67.6 million) received the second and third highest amounts from China, followed by Stanford University ($58.1 million) and New York University ($44.1 million).

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China isn’t the only country pouring millions into American academia, however. The analysis found that U.S. universities received a total of $12 billion in funds originating from outside the United States. Of that amount, $1.8 billion came from Qatar, $1.1 billion from England, $900.9 million from China, $843.2 million from Bermuda, $701.1 million from Saudi Arabia, and $700.5 million from Hong Kong. 

Other American universities benefiting from funding originating in China include the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Arizona State University, and Middle Tennessee State University.

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Multiple Harvard professors have made headlines in recent months for being in cahoots with the Chinese government. 

In December, a Chinese national conducting research at Harvard on a student visa was arrested for admittedly trying to smuggle 21 vials of Harvard cancer research back to China in a sock. Zhaosong Zheng said he planned on bringing the research back to China to publish it in his own name.

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In January, the head of chemistry at Harvard was charged with lying to both the federal government and the university about the fact that he was being paid by the Chinese government to work for Wuhan University of Technology, the large tech university located within the epicenter of the current coronavirus outbreak.

Professors at the University of Kansas, the University of California Los Angeles, and the University of Texas have been accused or convicted of shilling for the Chinese government with the help of their positions within the university.

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