Host of anti-Israel 'surround the White House' student rally has history of promoting terrorism, praised Oct. 7 attack

The host organization of Saturday's anti-Israel protest at the White House that many Students for Justice in Palestine chapters are attending has several ties to terrorism and praised the Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel.

The host organization of Saturday’s anti-Israel protest at the White House that many Students for Justice in Palestine chapters are attending has a history of promoting terrorism and praised the Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel.

Many Students for Justice in Palestine chapters across the country, including those at Virginia Commonwealth University, Ohio State University, North Carolina State University, Duke University, and more, are traveling to the protest hosted by the Palestinian Youth Movement.

”Biden can’t draw the line, but we can. On June 8, we will come together from across the country and surround the White House. Wearing red, and raising our demands high, we will show the world that we are the red line. We demand an immediate ceasefire, an immediate end to the siege on Gaza, the freedom of all Palestinian prisoners, and an end to the occupation of Palestine,” the Palestinian Youth Movement wrote in a post on Instagram.

According to data collected by NGO Monitor, the Palestinian Youth Movement has a history of promoting terrorism.

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Following the Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist attack on Israel, the Palestinian Youth Movement proudly took to Facebook and wrote “PALESTINE LIVES! THE RESISTANCE LIVES!”

”In the past several hours, the resistance in Gaza stormed the illegitimate border fence, reentering 1948 Palestine for the first time in many of our lives,” the group wrote. “With these developments come new equations in the Palestinian struggle, and a shifting of the ground beneath our feet, the reverberations of which we can only begin to imagine. Gaza, the cradle of our resistance and the lifeblood of our struggle, is pushing us closer to the hour of liberation than ever before.”

Notably, WESPAC, the same fiscal sponsor for the Palestinian Youth Movement, is also a fiscal sponsor for Students for Justice in Palestine.

The Palestinian Youth Movement also has a reading list, which contains articles written by members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a terrorist organization.

Included in the reading list is an interview with Ahmad Saadat, who serves as secretary general of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

In the interview, which the Palestinian Youth Movement promoted, Saadat said that the “Palestinian intifada was a model for popular resistance,” stating that violence should be used against Israel in the fight for Palestinian liberation.

”What is necessary, then, is the creative combination and integration of all legitimate methods of struggle enabling us to deploy each type or method of resistance according to the specific conditions warranted by different political junctures. On the wider, national level, we need a unified political program that, first and foremost, provides the means to put resistance into practice. And we need political stances and discourses that are similarly united around resistance,” Saadat said.

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In June 2023, NGO Monitor notes, the Palestinian Youth Movement called for the release of Walid Daqqqah from Israeli prison, who was sentenced to life in prison for the kidnapping and subsequent murder of an Israeli soldier.