JACOBSON: Woke college students are "grasping at straws" for things to protest about

On this week’s episode of the Campus Countdown, Campus Reform reporter Ophelie Jacobson reacts to a student coalition’s decision to boycott graduation.

UChicago United, a group of “students of color committed to racial justice at The University of Chicago” is boycotting the “racist and imperialist” university’s convocation on June 9. 

Jacobson analyzed the irony in the students’ decision to boycott a graduation ceremony after they paid thousands of dollars to attend the University of Chicago for four years to earn their prestigious degree. Jacobson questioned if this thought process made sense to anyone.

These students are so close to finishing college and entering the real world yet they seem to still be stuck in their childish and immature routines of boycotting and protesting things like graduation ceremonies,” Jacobson said. “These woke college students are grasping at straws to find things to get angry about and protest. And it looks like graduation is their next victim.”

In the rest of the episode, Jacobson takes a look at new guidelines released by a Columbia medical school in which people are encouraged to refer to women as “people with uteruses.” Jacobson also takes a look at Yale University’s weak response to a lecturer who spoke at the school and said that she “had fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person.”

Watch the full video above to see their reactions.

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