Jewish students sue NYU for creating 'hostile' and 'ongoing' anti-Semitic environment 'for years'

The lawsuit accuses NYU of having been 'acutely aware' of ongoing bigotry against Jewish students 'for years.'

Three Jewish students sued New York University Tuesday, accusing the institution of “egregious civil rights violations” and creating a ”hostile educational environment” that subjects Jewish students to ”pervasive acts of hatred, discrimination, harassment, and intimidation.”

The lawsuit accuses NYU of having been “acutely aware” of ongoing bigotry against Jewish students “for years,” and asserts that the university has “reacted with, at best, deliberate indifference,” creating an environment where both students and faculty are “permitted to repeatedly abuse, malign, vilify, and threaten Jewish students with impunity.”

”Shockingly, numerous students and faculty members at NYU have openly and enthusiastically endorsed Hamas’s October 7 massacre and applauded Hamas—which the U.S. State Department has designated a foreign terrorist organization,” the complaint reads.

”Many have resorted to harassment and violence in supporting Hamas and condemning Israel’s response in self-defense. The horrific October 7 attack thus lit a match to an already combustible antisemitic campus environment that NYU had created by tolerating and greenlighting antisemitic activity for years.”

Campus Reform Editor-in-Chief Dr. Zachary Marschall attended New York University and had very similar things to say in an October interview about anti-Semitism on American campuses in the wake of the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attack against Israel.

”I went to’s only gotten worse since I graduated,” said Marschall, pointing to a “culture” of anti-Semitism that “has been there for years.”

”Jewish students, including myself when I was there, complained about it, and we were ignored. We’ve been ignored for years up until maybe Sunday [Oct. 8.]”

”NYU looks forward to setting the record straight, to challenging this lawsuit’s one-sided narrative, to making clear the many efforts NYU has made to combat antisemitism and provide a safe environment for Jewish students and non-Jewish students, and to prevailing in court,” NYU spokesman John Beckman said in a statement.