Kalamazoo College partners with Planned Parenthood to hold 'SexCon'

From Jan. 29 to Feb. 4, Kalamazoo College held 'SexCon' week in partnership with a local Planned Parenthood to promote 'reproductive freedom' among its student body.

The school and abortion giant will also host their annual theatrical show, 'The Abortion Monologues,' focusing on 'transgender' and 'nonbinary' people this March.

From Jan. 29 to Feb. 4, a public college in Michigan hosted “SexCon” in partnership with a local Planned Parenthood to promote “reproductive freedom” among its student body.

“Sex Con, a dynamic week during Winter term at Kalamazoo College, champions sex education and empowerment,” the school’s website notes. “Through workshops, discussions, and expert-led sessions, it fosters a safe and inclusive environment, promoting healthy dialogues on consent, communication, and individual empowerment.”

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“SexCon is a week dedicated to creating space for exploring sexuality, learning about sexual and relationship health, and reflecting on social and legislative landscapes around sexual and reproductive freedom,”  the college’s Center for Civic Engagement posted to Instagram on Jan. 26. 

The post also noted that the event was sponsored by “CARES, Planned Parenthood, and YWCA Kalamazoo.”

The center also features a group called “Students for Reproductive Freedom,” whose mission is “to achieve bodily autonomy and safety from violence for everyone.” SexCon and other “reproductive education sessions” are led by the group.

Another Kalamazoo Instagram post promoting the event listed various event sessions, including, “Reimagining Sex Ed 101,” “Sex & Politics,” “Free STI testing,” “Genitalia Cookie Decorating,” “BDSM 101”, and a “Kinky Masquerade.”

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The Center for Civic Engagement is also set to host its annual showing of “The Abortion Monologues” this March, which will focus on “stories of gender-expansive individuals, including those who identify as transgender, nonbinary, or gender fluid.”

On Feb. 7, the center also took to Instagram to find “stories of abortion and other reproductive healthcare experiences from LGBTQ+ people in Michigan.”

Campus Reform has reached out to Kalamazoo College for comment. This article will be updated accordingly. 

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