Kentucky State's new 'W.O.K.E.' task force distributes Black Lives Matter shirts

Task force initiatives include the distribution of BLM shirts and registering students to vote.

Kentucky State University created a “W.O.K.E.” task force to combat racism amid the Breonna Taylor case.

Kentucky State University is encouraging students to wear Black Lives Matter t-shirts as part of their “W.O.K.E.” task force initiative.

After no officers were charged directly related to the death of Breonna Taylor, the school announced on September 24 that it would create a task force to help students understand Black issues and fight against perceived injustice.

“We will remain WOKE… wielding our Wisdom, owning our Opportunities, knowing the importance of true Knowledge, and engaging in the Empowerment of marginalized people,” the statement read.

The task force’s main goals are to get students to wear and take photographs in BLM shirts, which are being provided by the university, and to encourage students to register to vote, creating “Direct Action Training opportunities on campus,” to  create “safe spaces” on campus, and to continue to offer “on-going and relevant development for students encouraging community action and involvement.”

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“Encourage students to take a photo with a Black Lives Matter t-shirt being distributed by the University on Thursday and Friday. These photos will be printed and displayed on the Hill overlooking Main Street so that members of our community can hear our pain and see our greatness. Students will also be provided with an opportunity to register to vote,” the statement read.

Following the Sept. 23 decision on the charges in the Breonna Taylor case, university President M. Christopher Brown II held a university-wide Zoom meeting to discuss how to comfort students who were disappointed in the decision.

“Kentucky State University students understand Black lives matter and Black colleges’ power and purpose, and recognize the need for their fellow students to organize in an effort to eliminate and dismantle systems that oppress our communities,” President Brown said.

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“Kentucky State University mourns for Breonna Taylor and her family, as well as the countless lives that have been taken unjustly,” the statement read.

The university hopes that by creating this task force, there will be a lasting impact on race relations in America.

“Kentucky State University stands committed to taking action every day to make the world a better place,” the statement read. “Our students stand committed to carrying the torch of freedom fighters like our distinguished alumnus, Whitney M. Young. Our campus will be a sacred place that endeavors to lift every voice and encourages real change.”

The W.O.K.E. Task Force did not respond to Campus Reform’s requests for comment in time for publication.

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