Meet the spell-casting, 'highly sexual,' ‘Non-Binary Goddexx’ getting paid to perform at universities

A number of colleges and universities have hosted the performance artist, who also claims to channel 'spirit guides,' to run events on their campuses.

Her website lists rituals and other practices she performs to help her clients discover their sexuality.

At least nine colleges have paid “La Espiritista,“ a “queer,” “non-binary,” “trans,” “genderfluid,” “Latinx,” and “highly sexual” performance artist to do events on their campuses.

La Espiritista is female, but lists her pronouns as “They/Goddexx.” 

“Goddexx,’’ she writes, is a “nonbinary term for God and Goddess.” In a published piece titled the “I Am Goddexx Statement,” she explains that the phrase “I Am” is “the precursor for casting vibrational spells and reclamation at its essence.“

Among the traits associated with being a “Goddexx,” La Espiritista lists being “divinity embodied and let[ting] go of external pressure & perfection,” “own[ing] our sexiness as spirits offering to the world,” and “allow[ing] our radiance to shine and choos[ing] our pleasure.”

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After her 2014 medical transition “from female to Goddexx,” La Espiritista says she also began a “spiritual transformation” wherein she “started to connect back to [her] ancestors and spirit guides.” She claims that, after channeling these entities “through performance, word conjuring, intuitive readings, and vivid dreams” she was “told to connect back to the earth again and connect with the Orishas (forces of nature of the Yoruba people).”

From that, she says she “learned how genocide, colonization, and white supramacy [sic] forced many Indiginous and African people to give up their spiritual and religious traditions.”

On her website, La Espiritista lists a number of services she provides. When booking group events, one can choose between tarot card readings, Japanese energy healing rituals, a “spiritual coaching package,” and performances.

La Espiritista’s “Full-Spectrum Coaching” page goes into greater detail regarding some of the work she does. 

She offers to help individuals “create and activate a powerful ritual to initiate [their] next evolution,” “break karmic and personal patterns that block [them] from love and trust,” and “craft a spiritual practice that aligns with your lineage and fuels your magic” in order to help people in expanding “their gender, sexuality, relationship orientation, ancestry, spirituality, creativity, and purpose-driven work.”

She also promises to perform a “candle ritual burned on your behalf that I tend and pray to on my altar until completion” as well as to provide “guided meditations, spells, rituals, and exercises to support in integrating our work between sessions.”

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Services offered to individuals by La Espiritista range from $90 to $180. Campus Reform reached out to La Espiritista to inquire about how much she typically charges universities for her services, but has not received a response.

Princeton UniversityGreen River CollegeSan Diego State UniversityWestern Washington UniversityNorth Carolina State University, the University of Washington BothellEastern Michigan UniversityColorado State University and the University of Wisconsin Stout are among the institutions that have invited La Espiritista to perform.

La Espiritista and the above-mentioned universities have been contacted for comment; this article will be updated accordingly.