MSU student gov calls on admin to hire employee dedicated to illegal immigrant students

The Michigan State University student government passed a bill calling on the administration to create a "undocumented student affairs" position.

The student government is also calling on the administration to create a "safe space" for illegal immigrant students.

At Michigan State University (MSU), a student government bill aims to pressure university administration to hire an “undocumented student affairs” position.

Passed on March 4, Bill 57-78 calls on the Associated Students of Michigan State University (ASMSU) to “Advocate for the Hiring of a Full-Time Employee for Undocumented Student Affairs.”

“This employee shall have a designated area in order to create a safe space for undocumented students to seek support,” states the bill.

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ASMSU demands the new employee be selected by a committee comprised of “students and faculty most affected by the current lack of resources and representation for undocumented students.”

Included in the bill is a statement from DreaMSU, a pro-illegal immigrant student group, which cites MSU’s one-star ranking from uLEAD (University Leaders for Educational Access and Diversity) in relation to “financial and general support for undocumented students.” The University of Michigan, Oakland University, and Grand Valley State University all received a four star rating.

In a November 2019 rally at MSU’s administration building, DreaMSU and students demanded the university to create a position dedicated to illegal students and to provide resources to non-citizens.

Months later in January 2020, MSU published an “undocumented” student resources website, with a goal to “reduce apprehension.”

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To help create a more inclusive environment, MSU Provost Terese Woodruff announced in October 2020, the university’s elimination of the terms ‘foreign’ and ‘alien.’ Instead, MSU will use “non-pejorative terms that describe geography” such as ‘non-domestic’ or ‘international.’

Campus Reform reached out to the bill authors, DreaMSU, and the student government for comment; this article will be updated accordingly.

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