Nearly 99% of College Board employees' political donations go to Democrats

Nearly 99 percent of College Board individual political donations went toward Democrats, according to data compiled by Open Secrets.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden attracted 31 percent of the total donations to federal candidates.

Employees and affiliates of the College Board — a nonprofit organization that administers the SAT and facilitates American college admissions — have overwhelmingly donated to Democrats in the 2020 election cycle.

According to data from OpenSecrets, 98.74 percent of individual political contributions coming from people associated with the College Board went to Democratic candidates.

Of the roughly $129,770 in federal candidate contributions, $128,135 went to Democratic candidates, compared with just $1,635 that went to Republicans. Just under $40,000 — nearly 31 percent of total donations -- went to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. 

In comparison, only $544 went to President Donald Trump.

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Therefore, Biden received nearly 75 times more funds from individuals associated with the College Board than did Trump.

The second most popular candidate in the 2020 election cycle among College Board affiliates was Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who received $10,922 in contributions. Sen. Bernie Sanders and entrepreneur Andrew Yang each took in roughly $6,000 in donations from College Board affiliates.

Warren, Sanders, and Yang were all candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The College Board has endured criticism over its handling of online SAT and AP exams amid the coronavirus outbreak. In spring 2020, the group planned to offer at-home versions of the SAT but retracted its plans after a similar plan for its AP exams ended poorly.

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The National Association of Scholars released a report in September detailing the alleged working relationship between the College Board and the Chinese Communist Party.

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Campus Reform reached out to the College Board for comment but did not receive a response.

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