NEW PHOTOS from the D.C. pro-Palestine rally show signs comparing Jews to Nazis

Campus Reform recently attended the largest pro-Palestinian rally in American history.

Original images from the event feature signs equating Nazis and Jews, vandalism, and more.

Campus Reform Student Reporter William Biagini covered the largest pro-Palestine march in American history on Nov. 4 that took place in Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C. 

Here are some exclusive images from the event that showcase what the anti-Israeli activists stand for. 

One image features a woman holding a sign equating the German Nazi flag to the current Israeli flag. “They curse Hitler day and night but they have surpassed Hitler in barbarism [sic],” it reads. 

Several signs featured swastikas. 

One sign carried by a protester combineed both the Israeli flag and the German swastika Nazi flag into one. 

Another image features a pro-Palestinian image stamped over an image picture of George Washington. The protesters also reportedly left pro-Palestine graffiti near the White House.  

Here, anti-Israeli protesters can be seen carrying both the LGBTQ+ flag alongside the Palestinian flag. 

The image also shows one individual in the background carrying a sign that reads “From the river to the sea,” which is the first part of the now-infamous pro-Palestinian chant of “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” 

Protesters carried a large banner that called for the honoring of Palestinian “martyrs.” 

Watch the full footage of the rally on YouTube

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