New website allows Indiana parents to report 'socialist indoctrination' in schools, colleges

​Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita recently announced a new portal designed for students and parents to report "inappropriate materials" in their schools.

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita recently announced a new portal designed for students and parents to report “inappropriate materials” being pushed by educational institutions.

The “Eyes on Education” portal was released on Feb. 6 by Rokita’s office and has already received several complaints.

“As I travel the state, I regularly hear from students, parents and teachers about destructive curricula, policies or programs in our schools,” Attorney General Rokita said. “Our kids need to focus on fundamental educational building blocks, NOT ideology that divides kids from their parents and normal society. The media and schools themselves have continued to deny that this indoctrination is happening here in Indiana, so my office is launching Eyes on Education — a platform for students and parents to submit and view real examples of socialist indoctrination from classrooms across the state.”  

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One of the complaints submitted through the portal contains Clark-Pleasant Community School Corporation policy which states that instructs staff members to hide a student’s gender identity from their parents.

”Staff members shall not disclose any information that reveals a student’s gender identity to others, including parents or guardians and other staff members unless the student has authorized such disclosure or the information is contained in school records requested by a parent or guardian. This disclosure must be discussed with the student, prior to any action being taken by school personnel,” the policy states. “Prior to disclosing any such information about a transgender student, staff members should work with the student to discuss the manner, time, and message of this disclosure. This should Include providing the student with any support services they may need to make the disclosure in a safe and supportive environment.”

In another complaint, a class presentation from Martinsville High School displayed a modified version of Robert Havighurst’s adolescence tasks, which states that students “must become emotionally independent of parents” so they can, among other tasks, “choose a gender.”

Another incident submitted through the portal shows a Black Lives Matter flag displayed in a Kokomo, Indiana, classroom.

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According to Rokita’s office, individuals can also submit complaints involving colleges and universities.

“We not only want to help empower parents,” Rokita said. “We also want to help empower excellent educators. In some cases, district bureaucrats suppress the conscientious efforts of caring and well-qualified teachers. Our portal is a place where educators, too, can submit examples of materials they find objectionable.”