NYU prof's 'decolonization' org praises 'heroic' Hamas after brutal attacks against Jews

Husain's organization previously made headlines for putting out a guide on 'how to take down a monument.'

New York University professor Amin Husain co-founded an organization that made several posts celebrating violence against Israel and praising the Palestinian resistance as 'heroic.'

A group that took to Instagram to praise the “heroic Palestinian resistance” is led by a New York University (NYU) professor with a history of hostility against Israel and incitement of violence.

On Oct. 8, 2023, the Instagram account @decolonizethisplace posted a graphic condemning Israel. 

“Israel is indiscriminately bombing Gaza because it was embarrassed by the Palestinian resistance and now is practicing state terrorism as a way to rehabilitate its deterrence and force the resistance to stop and lose rather than end its occupation, colonization, and siege of Gaza and Palestine,” the post read.

The Instagram post calling the Palestinian resistance “heroic.”

”As you wake up this morning, note that the heroic Palestinian resistance and the people’s steadfastness continue, while settler colonial Israel, the US, and the ‘international community’ ignore that Israel is the violence. 75 years of colonization, state violence with impunity, and illegal occupation must end. ¡Ya basta!” the caption of the post read.

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“Free the land. Together, until all our lands are free. Our stories have news, footage, and reporting,” the caption continued. 

The account also posted several celebrations of Palestinian violence against Israel, including one post denying the genocide against the Uyghurs in China.

Posts featured on the Instagram account.

The Instagram account belongs to the group Decolonize This Place, co-founded by NYU adjunct professor of art Amin Husain. On its website, Decolonize This Place states that it is “[f]acilitated by MTL,” which is “a collective that combines aesthetics, research and organizing in its practice” of which Husain states that he is “a founding member.” 

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The Decolonize This Place website also contains a pro-Palestine zine. Among other things, this zine justifies Palestinian violence against Israel and dismisses birthright trips by young Jews as attempts “to recruit Jewish youth from around the world, especially American Jews, to the Zionist cause while sanitizing the occupation and erasing Palestinians.”

Husain has a history of both anti-Israel ideology and calls to violence. In a July 4, 2021 Facebook post, Husain published a photograph of a burning American and Israeli flag. In addition, on Jan. 31, 2020, Husain encouraged a subway attack by encouraging his followers to “f**k s**t up.” 

In addition, this is not the first time that Campus Reform has covered Husain or his organization. On Jun. 23, 2020, Campus Reform reported that Decolonize This Place had posted an infographic on Twitter about “[h]ow to take down a monument.”

Campus Reform has reached out to Husain, Decolonize This Place, and NYU for comment and will update accordingly.