Penn. college scraps Colonial Phil mascot following campus-wide backlash

CCP English professor Brian Goedde told Campus Reform “I especially like how we will be called ‘a pride’ of Lions. I think a sense of school pride is essential for student success.”

The Community College of Pennsylvania (CCP) is switching from its Colonial Phil mascot over to Roary the Lion.

A Philadelphia, Penn. college has officially ditched its long-time mascot after ongoing backlash from the community, with some students finding the mascot offensive and supporting a petition to remove the symbol.

The Community College of Pennsylvania (CCP) introduced in September its new mascot, Rory the Lion, replacing long-time mascot “Colonial Phil” after nearly three years of ongoing petitions and changes to the name, CBS Philly reported.

The calls for the removal of the mascot came after an assistant professor of the English department, Brian Goedde, wrote in the Philadelphia Inquirer that the mascot was “problematic” and did not represent the values of CCP.

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“I like the Lions; I am glad for the change,” Goedde told Campus Reform. “I especially like how we will be called ‘a pride’ of Lions. I think a sense of school pride is essential for student success.”

Goedde also said that Colonial Phil “wasn’t doing it for us anymore” and expressed optimism for Rory the Lion’s future at CCP.

“I think the bottom line for changing a mascot for a school is how well it unites students and generates a sense of school pride.” the professor said to Campus Reform.

In 2016, more than 600 students reportedly signed a petition demanding that the mascot be removed. Two years later, in April 2018, the Community College agreed to drop the “Colonials” nickname.

The community college then opened a survey to the student body for suggestions, saying that the mascot should “Relate to the diversity and culture of our great city” and “Represent positive qualities, ideals or associations around which people can rally.”

Voting for the mascot took place in October 2018, with the webpage for the voting saying that the mascot “retired” from the campus community.

CCP is not the only school rebranding away from the “Colonials” moniker and image. In March, Campus Reform reported that George Washington University voted to “remove and replace” its mascot, George the Colonial, after a campus-wide vote.

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The Community College of Pennsylvania had no additional comment when contacted by Campus Reform

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