Profs compare Trump to Ted Bundy, claim he ‘wants’ Americans to die

One professor from Collin College has compared Trump to serial killer and rapist Ted Bundy.

Another said that Trump is the head of a death cult, and "wants" people to die.

Two history professors at Collin College in Texas, Michael Phillips and Lora Burnett, have taken to Twitter to express their outrage over President Donald Trump and his supporters. 

Phillips stated on his social media, “Having Donald Trump in the White House is increasingly like having Ted Bundy as president,” in a now-deleted tweet. Bundy was a convicted serial killer and rapist who was executed in 1989, he is known to have killed at least 36 women in the 1970s, according to

Phillips also claimed that Trump is using KKK tactics by promoting the 1776 Commission.  He stated, “The whole Trump administration has been a recycling of the 1920s Klan’s ‘100 Percent Americanism,’ including their view of history.”

Phillips not only supports expanding, or packing, the Supreme Court, but other federal courts throughout the country. He also called the Senate and the Electoral College “anti-democratic institutions,” supported adding additional seats in the House, and making Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. states.

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Phillips has gone on to say that Trump is a “sociopathic dunce” who is “sitting on a pile of corpses,” attaching a video in which the president discusses herd immunity regarding COVID-19.

Burnett recently re-upped an old Twitter thread of hers saying that “Trump is the head of a death cult.” 

In her posts, she says that Trump “worships power,” and that he ”doesn’t care if his constituents in red states die. He WANTS them to die.” 

”He can call this a hoax and tens of thousands of Americans will take him at his word, and he loves that power, and these deaths prove his power,” Burnett tweeted. She also referred to Trump supporters as“MAGATS and racists” stating, “You know what I love? Even though I’m not a blue check, Twitter automatically hid the stupid replies from the MAGATS and racists in my mentions. I like this algorithm.”

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Burnett claimed that those who support Trump’s ban on Critical Race Theory are white supremacists. While commenting on another post that approved of Trump’s ban, Burnett stated, “If you’re looking for a miniature rollcall of ‘dapper’ white supremacy, check out this dude and the wankers in his mentions, many of whom are claiming ‘victory’ but don’t have the guts to tweet under their own names.”

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In an interview with Campus Reform, Burnett said of her use of the term “MAGATS”: “My understanding is that ‘MAGATS’ is a character-saving Twitter abbreviation standing for ‘Make-America-Great-Again-Hat-Wearers.’ If it means something else, please let me know.” 

“As a Christian who believes that Jesus the Good Shepherd died and rose again that we might have life and have it more abundantly, I sincerely hope that you will share every tweet in the thread to which you have referred, reflecting on the very sad and needless death of Herman Cain, with as wide an audience as possible.”

“Of course I would never impose my Christian beliefs on my students or my co-workers, but I am free to express them on Twitter in my capacity as a private citizen and am always happy to point my fellow believers to the only deserving object of our faith and devotion, God in Christ reconciling the world to Himself,” Burnett added.  

“Anyone who demands to be worshiped, anyone who demands that people demonstrate their loyalty to him or her by willingly sacrificing their own lives, is an impostor who seeks not to protect precious human lives made in the image of God but to put himself or herself in God’s place – not a good shepherd, but a hireling.”

A spokeswoman for Collin College told Campus Reform, “While the college respects employees’ rights to free speech, the opinions expressed were not made on behalf of Collin College.” 

Phillips did not respond to a request for comment in time for publication. 

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