'Racist,' 'demon,' 'scumbag,' 'white boy': Profs take aim at Pence during VP debate

Academics took aim at the current vice president, Mike Pence, calling him a "demon" and saying that Satan should take lying lessons from him.

During Wednesday night's vice presidential debate, professors from around the country sounded off on social media.

While Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic vice presidential nominee Senator Kamala Harris debated Wednesday night at the University of Utah, professors from around the country were watching, and sounding off on social media. 

University of Wisconsin-Madison Gender and Women’s Studies Associate Professor Sami Schalk tweeted during the debate, “This racist f**king piece of s**t.” Schalk also posted, “He’s not going to answer the question about abortion. I can’t watch this shit anymore. Someone just scream ‘SHUT THE F**K UP’” She then tweeted Thursday morning saying, “Shoutout to @KamalaHarris’s jaw. I know it’s gotta be sore AF from all that fake ‘I truly wish I could punch you in the dick right now’ smiling last night. We see you girl. We see you.”

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Campus Reform has previously reported on comments Schalk made saying that white people “take up space.”

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Collin College History Professor Lora Burnett also posted on Twitter, “The moderator needs to talk over Mike Pence until he shuts his little demon mouth up. #VPDebate” Burnett continued to refer to Pence as a demon, later stating, “me: is Pence’s eye still bleeding? Mr. B: Yeah. That’s what happens when you’re a demon.’ #VPDebate” She also shared a tweet that read, “Mike Pence is a scumbag lying sonofab***h to talk about playing politics with lives.”




Rutgers University Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Brittney Cooper tweeted during the debate as well.

“It deeply angers me the way these white boys refuse to respect the f**king debate rules. #VPDebate,” Cooper wrote.

Campus Reform has previously reported on Cooper after she said “f**k each and every Trump supporter.” She also tweeted, “We got an egomaniac…narcissist, sociopathic motherf**ker in the White House,” once tied Black female obesity to President Donald Trump’s policies.

Lehigh University Associate Professor of Sociology and Health, Medicine, and Society Sirry Alang also tweeted saying that the devil could take lying lessons from Pence, stating, “LOL. Pence talks about the Christian faith. The devil, satan, lucifer, the serpent that deceived Eve, the father of all liars, should be taking lying lessons from Mike Pence. #Debates2020”


The University of Wisconsin-Madison responded to request for comment by stating that “When students, faculty, and staff exercise their First Amendment rights to express opinions, they are speaking for themselves, not the university.”

Campus Reform has reached out to  Collin College, Rutgers University, and Lehigh University for comment but did not receive responses. Schalk, Burnett, Cooper, and Alang did not respond in time for publication. 

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