School’s ‘Social Justice League’ goes bonkers over MAGA post

Members of a “league” of social justice warriors at a small Catholic college in Vermont are losing their minds after finding the phrase “Make America Great Again” scrawled outside their offices.

An image posted to the Saint Michael's College “Social Justice League” Facebook page shows that an unidentified student wrote Donald Trump’s popular campaign slogan on a dry-erase board located outside the group’s on-campus office, causing them to recoil in horror as they demanded an explanation for such “targeted hate.”

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“The image reads ‘Make America Great Again,’” members of the “Justice League” astutely observe in an apoplectic statement responding to the message.

“The intent behind this act is very clear. It is not just an act of free speech, it is targeted hate,” the group asserts, adding that “these actions follow a very specific pattern with clear intentions” and expressing frustration with the administration for apparently taking too long to address the situation.

“The longer our administration waits to recognize and respond to these attacks on our students of color, the more frequent they have become,” the statement adds, listing several examples of racially charged incidents that have reportedly occurred over the past several months.

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The “Justice League” goes on to note that Trump’s campaign slogan has “left many students…feeling scared, angry, and silenced,” explaining that “acts of intimidation and hatred have moved from the walls of the classroom and are now reaching outwards into the Center, inching closer and closer to folks of color.”

The statement then further condemns the administration for not responding quickly enough to the appearance of the political slogan, saying members of the “Justice League” reject “the silence and the message that silence sends to our students and the greater community.”

“In addition to the day-to-day microaggressions, there is a tremendous lack of transparency in the investigations of and response to specific attacks on members of our community,” the statement concludes, asking “where is our protection?” and “where is the administration’s professed obligation to ensure that all students, faculty, and staff experience a safe supportive, and inclusive environment?”

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Campus Reform reached out to St. Michael’s College for a comment on whether or not the school’s administration plans to address the incident, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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