Sorority says you should ask 5 questions about your Halloween costume to avoid 'perpetuating stereotypes'

Alpha Delta Pi has assembled questions students should ask themselves to avoid “misrepresenting someone else’s culture or identity.”

Questions focus on “sexual orientation” and words on costume packaging.

Leading up to Halloween, Alpha Delta Pi, a women’s sorority college organization, made a statement regarding Halloween and how to avoid appropriating cultures and themes while deciding costumes. 

The sorority’s Instagram post, “Cultures Are Not Costumes,” suggests asking a series of questions before deciding on a costume.

”Halloween is right around the corner! As we prepare for the socially-distant festivities ahead, it’s important to reflect on our choices and the possible impact they may have on others, even without our knowledge,” the post reads. “While often unintended, these themes and costumes can have a negative impact on others by perpetuating stereotypes or reducing a culture or identity into a caricature. Before selecting your next costume or theme, ask yourself the following questions.” 

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The self-reflecting questions include; “Is it based on a race, ethnicity, or culture that is not my own?”, “Does it represent someone’s socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, or religion?”, “Does my costume trivialize human suffering such as portraying a person who is homeless, imprisoned, or a person with a disability?”, “Does the costume packaging include words like ethnic, tribal, cultural, or traditional?”, and “Does it portray an element that is sacred or symbolic to someone’s culture or religion?” 

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If students find that they are answering yes to the questions, ADPI says “there is a possibility your costume or theme may be misrepresenting someone else’s culture or identity.”

Making aware of your Zoom background choice is also suggested. 

Campus Reform reached out to Alpha Delta Pi and Alpha Delta Pi chapters and has not received a response.

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