Student calls out bias against conservatives on campus. The response proves her point.

A conservative student received a great deal of backlash to an op-ed about her experience as a conservative on campus.

“It’s a shame that the Mirror gave this article spot to you..." wrote one individual.

A conservative student at Augustana University left campus amid safety concerns after writing a pro-conservative opinion piece for the school newspaper. 

In an article titled “What it’s like to be a conservative woman at AU,” Madison Bollweg reflected on her experience as a known conservative on a college campus. Bollweg serves as the Vice President for Augustana University College Republicans.

Almost immediately, fellow students criticized Bollweg by declaring she had “victimized” herself, saying her article was “blatantly disrespectful”, and claiming she and other conservatives “care about no one’s feelings but yourselves.”

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“It’s a shame that the Mirror gave this article spot to you and not a member of a real minority who faces real oppression,” one comment from an anonymous user reads.

What I’ve learned in my almost two years on campus is that intellectual diversity is absent,” Bollweg’s op-ed states, adding that “feminists aren’t for all women — based on the way they treat conservative women — and one may be disliked for views and beliefs.”

“Regarding the situation in general,” Bollweg told Campus Reform, “I do not have any regrets writing the article. I was asked to write a conservative opinion piece, so I did. The situation has brought along some vitriolic commentary and even possible threats that are being taken care of. However, the situation I believe has brought more good than bad.”

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Bollweg said that The Mirror reached out to her, specifically asking for a conservative piece to run.

“Job offers have arisen,” Bollweg continued, “upcoming interviews, republishing of the article on some other news sites...emails have flooded in from Augustana professors and faculty as well as a good number of legislators and senators.”

“The attention this article has received is way beyond anything that I ever expected it to get, nor was that the reason why I wrote it,” said Bollweg. “The rise it has got from the left was expected and I think it continues to prove my point even more. This op-Ed I wrote is my first but won’t be my last. As far as the future goes, this situation isn’t going to stop me from writing or continuing my calling in the government field of study. I will continue to seek out the truth, stand up for what I believe, keep my faith, remain respectful and civil of opposing views, but most importantly be thankful to live in a free country where intellectual diversity is valued (in most places.)”

“If offered the chance, I would write the op-Ed again, but not for The Mirror. While my views and opinions aren’t going to be easily changed from that op-Ed, I would still write another.”

Augustana University did not respond to requests for comment.

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