Terrorist-loving students ask for 'mental health support'

Students from over 30 campus organizations at Harvard University are now dealing with the consequences of supporting Hamas terrorists.

Several Harvard University students came out quickly after Saturday’s terrorist attacks in Israel to blame Israelis for the carnage and support Hamas. 

Public scrutiny fell on these individuals and now many appear to regret their pro-Hamas position. 

The Harvard Arab Alumni Association has reportedly put out a statement requesting aid for the students whose first reaction was to stand in solidarity with the terrorists who raped, killed, captured, and decapitated innocent civilians.

”They may require legal counsel, healthcare, mental health support, financial aid, or mentorship to navigate these turbulent and uncertain times,” the statement reads. 

The death toll stands at approximately 1,200 and dozens of Israeli hostages remain in Gaza uncertain of if or when they will make it out alive. 

The Harvard Arab Alumni Association has expressed concern for the students’ “immigration status and future career prospects.”