Texas State troopers arrive at UT Austin occupation, start making arrests

​At least three people have been arrested during a massive anti-Israel protest going on at the University of Texas at Austin.

At least ten people have been arrested during a massive anti-Israel protest going on at the University of Texas at Austin.

The protest on Wednesday was organized by the Palestine Solidarity Committee, following the footsteps of anti-Israel protesters at Columbia University which formed an encampment, according to KVUE.

The organization initially planned to march and occupy UT Austin’s South Mall, but administrators notified the group that the event wasn’t authorized.

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”Simply put, The University of Texas at Austin will not allow this campus to be ‘taken’ and protesters to derail our mission in ways that groups affiliated with your national organization have accomplished elsewhere,” a letter from university administrators stated. “Please be advised that you are not permitted to hold your event on the University campus. Any attempt to do so will subject your organization and its attending members to discipline including suspension under the Institutional Rules.”

A large state police presence has been reported at the protest, according to the report. A state trooper reported that at least three had been arrested, with the university later confirming to local news that 10 had been arrested

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The University of Austin at Texas Hillel said on Instagram that administrators have assured them that “there will be no tolerance for disruption.”

Early on Monday, we learned of a plan for a large-scale anti-Israel protest on our UT campus during Passover. The timing of this protest is not lost on us - making use of a Jewish holiday and observance to promote a hateful agenda - and we quickly contacted our university and security partners to begin coordinating a response plan to keep our campus and our students safe,” the Hillel wrote. “The University has assured us there will be no tolerance for disruption or behaviors misaligned to University policy and the Governor’s executive order.”