Title IX group publishes playbook for state lawmakers

A Title IX advocacy organization has released a book of recommendations advising state lawmakers to focus on combating sexual assault and “gender-based violence.”

Know Your IX's State Policy Playbook, a 72-page document published this week, claims that the federal guidelines established by President Obama’s administration do not go far enough in fostering a safe environment on college campuses.

“Federal law, including Title IX, requires schools to take action to address gender-based violence on campus—but federal law only sets a floor for schools’ obligations to create safe and equal campuses,” the policy playbook explains.

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“States can and should do more to keep schools from sweeping sexual violence under the rug,” the document adds.

Alyssa Peterson, a policy and advocacy coordinator at Know Your IX, told Politico that the organization is "confident that [the playbook] represents the most comprehensive proposal for state action ever developed by advocates on this issue."

“In fact, many of us would have benefited enormously from these reforms after our own experiences of gender-based violence and institutional indifference," she added.

The Policy Playbook consists of eight major sections that address topics ranging from “campus transparency” to “funding safe campuses.”

The playbook also encourages state lawmakers to fully back and endorse the minimal adjudication standard known as “preponderance of evidence,” and advocates that legislatures “should require all schools to adopt, implement, and publicize a ‘Student Survivor’s Bill of

“States should establish a Student Survivor’s Bill of Rights and common-sense Fair Process requirements to ensure schools hold perpetrators accountable, support survivors, and provide accused students with a fair hearing,” the document states.

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In the closing section of the playbook, the organization voices strong opposition to policies such as campus carry, transcript notations, “discriminatory bathroom bills,” and mandatory police referrals.

“Know Your IX has heard from a number of survivors who say unequivocally that they would never have reported an assault to their school if they were forced to go to the police first,” the document states.

“By decreasing reporting, mandatory police referral policies leave rapists free to roam campus with impunity. These policies also make it more difficult for survivors to receive the Title IX services and accommodations to which they are entitled.”

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