Top 3 craziest transgender stories of 2023

On a phone call with an unnamed university official, a citizen journalist received clarification that transgender women could be housed with biological females anonymously.

Transgender ideology on college campuses has led to the teaching of new material in courses, new rules, and new ridiculous rhetoric being accepted by faculty, staff, and students nationwide.

Campus Reform has compiled a list of this year’s top 3 craziest transgender stories. 

3. THE SCROLL: male ‘sorority girl’ cries with joy that he can keep ogling female members

The male sorority member who won a lawsuit against the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority at the University of Wyoming cried when he found out he was allowed to stay in the sorority.

Journalist Oli London posted a picture on Twitter of Wyoming sorority member Artemis Langford crying after a judge dismissed the sorority’s lawsuit against him. The photo itself came from a puff piece in the Washington Post detailing the circumstances of the case

2. Catholic school allows trans students to live in dorms associated with their perceived gender identity

video released on May 10 by O’Keefe Media Group reveals that the University of Saint Thomas in Minnesota allows transgender students to live in dorms associated with their perceived gender identity without the knowledge of other students.  

1. EXCLUSIVE: Flyers at Christian university compare opposing trans ideology to ‘genocide’

“How far has the anti-trans movement advanced along these stages [of genocide]?” a flyer posted to a Pepperdine University bullet board, called the “Freedom Wall,” questions. 

Sometime between Mar. 27-28, a series of flyers addressing conservatives who object to transgender ideology were anonymously posted to a community bulletin board at the Christian university in California. The postings coincided with “Trans Week of Visibility.” 

Every flyer featured one of the ten stages of genocide, relating each to the “anti-trans movement”; seemingly comparing the Holocaust to the conservative movement to oppose transgender ideology, irreversible surgery and hormone blockers for minors, and related ideas and practices.