Some ​UCSC STILL don't have fall semester grades...and union workers are to blame

The grading delays are the result of graduate students striking.

One in five fall grades at UCSC have still not yet been submitted.

Students at the University of California-Santa Cruz are still awaiting their fall 2019 grades, which have been held for weeks because of to the actions of striking graduate students.

UCSC acknowledged January 6 that 20 percent of students still had not received their final grades, which were due to be submitted Dec. 18.

The university’s spring quarter began on Jan. 6., with many students beginning courses without even knowing their academic standing. 

The grades have been delayed due to an ongoing strike by graduate student workers, many of whom are responsible for grading undergraduate student work. Those striking are demanding a Cost of Living adjustment for graduate student employees, represented by the United Autoworker.

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“While we recognize the importance of free speech and the exchange of ideas, students involved in the unsanctioned work stoppage have engaged in potential misconduct and may be subject to disciplinary action,” said the university in a statement on the first day of the new semester, adding that “Students with missing grades are advised to contact their instructors and/or teaching assistant and are not required to disclose the reason for the request..”

The university is directing students concerned about their grades to an FAQ page, explaining why the work stoppage is illegal and why the university is refusing to meet with the strikers.

“The grade strike is unsanctioned by their union and the striking graduate students are working outside of the union in making demands of the University,” says UCSC. “Labor law prohibits this direct dealing between employees and their employer, which excludes employees’ lawfully recognized union.”

The same page explains that students enrolled in courses with prerequisites for which grades have not been submitted may be dropped if their “work was below passing level based on grades reported after the beginning of the quarter.”

The university is also offering temporary waivers for athletes who would otherwise need a final grade in order to participate in sports. 

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Campus Reform reached out to UCSC for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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