Uh oh Andy: Bipartisan calls from NY students for Cuomo to step aside

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York is facing sexual harassment allegations, in addition to a scandal related to his sending of COVID-positive seniors back into nursing homes.

The New York College Democrats and College Republicans both called for Cuomo’s resignation.

The New York College Democrats and College Republicans joined forces to call for Governor Andrew Cuomo’s resignation.

Cuomo, a Democrat and longtime governor of New York, is facing two scandals: the alleged covering-up of deaths following his order to send COVID-positive seniors back into their nursing homes, as well as multiple allegations of sexual harassment.

The New York College Democrats and Republicans invoked both crises in their calls for the governor to step down.

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“As we have maintained all along, Andrew Cuomo is totally unfit to carry out his duties as governor and should immediately resign,” said the College Republicans. “Furthermore, it is the legislature’s job to not only remove his executive power but also impeach him should he refuse to step aside.”

The group added that “Andrew Cuomo has successfully led our state into the ground, totally botched the pandemic response, killed thousands of our grandparents and parents in nursing homes, covered it up, and now it has been revealed he is a serial predator harasser.”

The New York College Republicans told Campus Reform that though they are not working together on an official basis to encourage Cuomo’s resignation, they are “glad to see that the College Democrats are waking up to the fact that Cuomo is a criminal, liar, and a bully after supporting him for 3 terms.”

“It’s a shame the death of 15k seniors wasn’t enough to convince them,” they noted.

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The College Republicans linked to the College Democrats’s statement, which said that “Abuse of power in any form or context is unacceptable, especially when wielded by a public servant who has taken an oath to work for the people they represent.” 

The College Democrats of New York call on the immediate resignation of the Governor,” they remarked. “His behavior is unacceptable for any person, especially the Executive of our state. We demand a truly independent investigation to hold the Governor accountable.”

Campus Reform reached out to both groups for comment; this article will be updated accordingly.

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