Universities across America offer courses focusing on transgender and queer studies

Here are three universities that offer students the opportunity to question gender and dive into transgender studies.

Here are three universities that offer students the opportunity to question gender and dive into transgender studies. 

Yale University

Yale University offers Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies that teach students the “historical and contemporary experience of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgender people.”

The program states that it has plans to “expand its role as a research committee by building on the growing strength of the faculty to collectively organize working groups and conferences.”

University of New Mexico 

The University of New Mexico offers students a Queer Course Guide

The guide is designed to “help students find classes related to Gay and Lesbian Studies, Queer Studies, Sexuality Studies, and Gender Studies.”

One such course is “Communication & Journalism: Gender and Communication.” 

“This will be accomplished by examining theoretical perspectives used to explain gender phenomena, gender socialization, male and female interactions and stereotypes,” the course description reads. “It examines the influence of gender in our lives by utilizing various tools including films, guest speakers, lectures, in-class exercises and class discussion in both large and small groups.”

Princeton University 

Princeton has offered students an opportunity to study gender and sexuality since 1982.

Originally named Women’s Studies, “the program was renamed Gender and Sexuality Studies in 2011 to reflect the trajectory and expanded reach of teaching and scholarship among Princeton faculty and in the field more generally,” according to the Princeton website. 

The description goes on to read, “Faculty and students in GSS are dedicated to the study of gender and sexuality in their complex articulations with race, ethnicity, class, disability, religion, nationality, and other intersections of identity, power, and politics.”

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

UNC founded its Sexuality Studies minor in 2004.

The minor is designed for “students interested in exploring the study of sexual/gender identities—such as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and heterosexual—as well as the full range of human sexual behaviors and identities in diverse cultures and historical periods.”

Courses students can choose from courses such as “Introduction to Gay and Lesbian Culture and Literature,”, “LGBTQ Film and Literature from 1950 to Present,” and “Narrating the Trans Self: Introduction to Transgender Studies.”

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