UW-Madison student releases 'vile and racist anti-police video'

A state lawmaker is a condemning a University of Wisconsin-Madison student's promotional video depicting police officers in pig masks hanging a black male, then being beheaded with a bloody machete.

The video was condemned by State Senator Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) later that night in a press release, which also noted that the video had been hosted the school’s IT platform (the video has since been removed).

“This vile and racist anti-police video is clearly a direct threat to the brave men and women that serve behind the badge,” Nass remarked. “UW-Madison must immediately hold these students accountable and that should include an investigation by the local police and the Wisconsin Department of Justice.”

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The video was produced by student Eneale Pickett posted on “UW-Madison Box,” UW-Madison’s IT platform.

It was created as part of a launch for his new clothing line aimed at “confronting police brutality and racism,” which features items such as a hoodie that says "All white people are racist" and a shirt that says "Destroy the city that caused you to bury me," and " f*** the police they the biggest gang in Amerikkka."

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“This racist video has an intent to incite violence against police officers. This can’t be condoned or ignored,” Nass declared. “UW-Madison must act swiftly and decisively against anyone on their campus that promotes hateful actions of this type.”

Pickett says he plans on releasing a second video explaining why he chose the graphic images.

Four months ago, the UW-Madison student government faced backlash for passing anti-police legislation that demanded “community control” of campus police to counter the alleged “implicit bias” within the department.

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