Video captures moment this 'feminist' attacked peaceful pro-life demonstrators

Video of an alleged assault against a pro-life intern at UNC has surfaced.

Police have confirmed some details, and the suspect's social media presence is telling.

 Video of a violent assault at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill appears to show a female student attacking a young man after becoming irate at the sight of anti-abortion signage.

An intern for the pro-life group Created Equal said on Facebook that he was the subject of the assault that took place while he was “peacefully talking to students about abortion,” adding that “violence from abortion supporters is becoming more common.”

“Footage of the outburst begins with a woman asking our team, ‘Did you put these [signs] up?’” the group said in a press release, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation. “When they respond affirmatively, she proceeds to repeatedly punch and kick a member of our staff.” 

The attacker repeatedly shouts that her victim is a “f*cking terrible person,” and that the signage is “not okay,” adding that it is “triggering.”


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Created Equal President Mark Harrington reportedly said Tuesday that the school had not reached out to the group, but that the police had charged the assailant with non-aggravated assault. Campus Reform could not independently confirm those charges with the UNC police.

According to The Daily Caller News Foundation, police confirmed the identity of 19-year-old Jillian Alexandra Ward, who allegedly attacked Beigel and struck him in “the face and stomach with her fist.”

Ward’s Facebook account indicates that she fancies herself a “feminist,” “mental health advocate,” and “activist.”

Campus Reform reached out to UNC for comment, but did not receive a response in time for publication.  

The incident happened just months after President Donald Trump signed an executive order threatening to pull federal research funding from colleges that do not protect free speech. WWU, according to a Campus Reform analysis, received $676,282,000 in federal research funding in 2017.

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