VIDEO: NH students say which Dem they'll support. Joe Biden never comes up.

The response was mixed, but four of the candidates seemed to have more support.

Campus Reform traveled to New Hampshire ahead of Tuesday's primary to ask students who they will vote for.

Campus Reform’s Eduardo Neret went to St. Anselm College, the site of the eight Democratic presidential debate on Friday, to ask students there who they plan to vote for in Tuesday’s first-in-the-nationNew Hampshire primary, and why. 

Of the nearly dozen students Neret spoke with at random, not a single one said Biden. In fact, throughout the course of conversations, the vice president’s name didn’t even come up- not even once. However, a number of the students Neret spoke with said they will vote for Sen. Bernie Sanders, some said Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, others vouched for Andrew Yang and still others for former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg. 

”I like his opinions on the way he would like to address student loans,” one student said of Sanders, who has proposed eliminating student loan debt. Another student said of Gabbard, “I really like her views on just specifically life, her anti-war campaign, stuff like that.” 

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One student said she likes Sen. Elizabeth Warren, citing her “support for women” and the fact that she was “pretty funny” during the debate.

”I think Bernie has a lot of cool, like, economic, like, ideas, like, that are really appealing to me as, like, in college, like, all these ideas on the economy, like, would be beneficial right now,” another student told Neret. 

A handful of other students voiced their support for Buttigieg, with with one student saying that “one of the things that draws me to Pete is he’s very respectful of his fellow campaign people and who he’s running against as well as people on the Republican and Democratic sides.”

What did the other students have to say? Watch the full video to find out: 

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