VIDEO: Should prison inmates vote? College students react

Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips asked college students if they thought incarcerated people should have a say in elections.

Bernie Sanders began a national debate over whether prison inmates should be able to vote.

Last month, Sen. Bernie Sanders started a national debate over voting rights for prison inmates after stating that he believes all Americans should be able to vote, even those currently incarcerated. 

Other leading candidates like Sen. Kamala Harris and Mayor Pete Buttigieg also weighed in, further intensifying the conversation. 

Wanting to know what college students thought, Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips went to Catholic University in Washington, D.C. to ask them. 

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Students seemed split, with some in support of Sanders saying no one should ever lose the right to vote, even those in jail for heinous crimes. 

“I think they should be able to vote from prison,” one student said, while another added, “they did something wrong… but they’re still people.”

When asked if they thought prisoners should be allowed access to other rights, like the 2nd Amendment, for example, students waffled. 

“Um… I’m not sure,” one student said, while another added, “that’s a great question.”

Students who thought prison inmates should not be able to vote had strong words for Sanders. 

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“If they’re not abiding by the law, how could we put power in their hands to choose people that make laws for us,” one student said, while another expressed a similar sentiment, saying, “they’ve committed a crime, I don’t think they should have a say in what the government does, because they’re taken themselves out of society.”

What did the rest of the students have to say? Watch the full video now to find out: 

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