VIDEO: Self-identified teacher caught on camera berating conservative students

Among the statements he made were accusing the students of "peddling bulls**t."

A man at the University of Iowa who identifies himself as someone who teaches there was caught on camera berating conservative students.

A man at the University of Iowa who identified himself as a teacher was caught on camera berating conservative students. 

In a video obtained exclusively by Campus Reform, a man who says in the ten-minute clip “I teach here” is seen standing in front of a table being used by the school’s Turning Point USA chapter for recruiting new students. The discussion begins by the teacher debating students over socialism and devolves into the teacher shouting down the students as he advocates for gun control. 

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”You’re spouting rhetorical bullshit that you’re pulling out of your ass,” the teacher says at one point. 

When the students inform the teacher that they are a student organization on campus, the teacher replies, “but you’re a dumb student organization that’s peddling bullshit.” 

Later in the video, the teacher tells the students “I don’t want to hear this Trump bullshit,” adding “I’m not going to be nice about this anymore.”

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The self-identified teacher, acknowledging that he grew up in Ohio where there was a one-week waiting period to purchase a firearm, then said of Iowa’s gun laws, “well Iowa’s way f**king behind.” 

He later says “I want to get rid of assault weapons” but when asked what an assault weapon is, he refuses to answer. 

One of the students can be heard in the video as telling the man, “You work at the university. You should not be treating students this way.”

The identity of the man in the video who says he is a teacher is unclear. 

Campus Reform has reached out to the University of Iowa to ask who the man is as well as for any additional comment the school has. 

Campus Reform did not hear back in time for publication.

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