VIDEO: Students hate Kamala Harris quote..when they think it’s Trump’s

Campus Reform asked students about Kamala Harris’ past comments in which she referred to 18-24 year olds as “stupid.”

Most students guessed that the comments were made by Trump and said they would not vote for a politician who made those remarks.

After the Joe Biden campaign announced Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) as the ticket’s presumptive vice-presidential nominee, Harris’ past comments referring to 18-24-year-olds as “stupid” resurfaced on social media.

Campus Reform asked students and young Americans if they would vote for someone who made those remarks.

Most individuals said they would not and disagreed with the characterization of younger Americans. 

Many guessed that the comments were made by President Donald Trump.

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“No, honestly,” one individual said. “Because no matter what age, you’re allowed to have your own opinion. Even 18-year-olds.”

“That’s who you’re representing,” one person noted. “Those are the types of people that, like, that are going to be voting for you so why would you talk down upon them?”

Campus Reform then pointed out that it was Harris, not Trump, who made the comments. 

Students said they were “not surprised,” and slammed Harris for her track record on law enforcement.

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“Not surprised at all. She doesn’t have a history of being very Democratic,” one person said before slamming Harris “conservative” position of supporting the police. “For starters, she is a big, like, fan of the police force, which is what most, like, Democrats are trying to defund and she’s like a big advocate for cops and everything so.”

“A little bit surprised, not entirely though because I have seen a lot of not so good things about her in regards to, like, imprisonment of people and stuff like that,” another individual added.

Others said even though Harris’ comments would factor into whether they would support Biden, they would likely still support him over Trump.

“I mean it does,” one person answered when asked if Harris’ comments affect how he views the Democratic ticket. “But like I said, there’s no way I’m voting for Trump.”

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