WATCH: 5 craziest campus videos of 2023

Campus Reform has compiled a list of the craziest videos documenting the campus climate of 2023.

2023 brought shocking societal and cultural changes to college campuses in the United States. 

Campus Reform has compiled a list of the craziest videos documenting the campus climate of 2023. 

1.    WATCH: ‘Why should I condemn anything?’ – Students for Justice in Palestine president refuses to condemn Hamas

Campus Reform Correspondent Austin Browne recently spoke with Tala Alsharif, President of Students for Justice in Palestine at Youngstown State University in Ohio, who repeatedly declined to condemn Hamas.

When asked to condemn Hamas, Alsharif repeatedly instead condemned “violence” from Israel against Palestinians.

2.    WATCH: Demonstrators react outside SCOTUS after affirmative action ruling

Campus Reform reporter William Biagini interviewed demonstrators outside the United States Supreme Court on Thursday after the announcement of the court’s ruling against race-based admissions to American colleges and universities.

Supporters and detractors of the decision rallied outside the court. 

”We have all come from nations in which we have overcome oppression, racism, and systemic, discrimination,” an Asian-American supporter of the decision told Biagini. “This right here is the image of what we face in institutions Across America, pointing to a display from the opposing side. “They’re drowning us out– the sign says “fuck racism,” but they don’t care about the racism against Asian Americans. It talks about ‘don’t tread on me,’ but it doesn’t mean Asian Americans. We don’t matter. In so many of these civil rights struggles, they try to drown us out.”

3.    WATCH: Students more concerned about risk from armed police than criminals

Campus Reform Senior Editor Jared Gould took to the streets of George Washington University to ascertain what students think of the university’s recent decision to arm police officers.

Even when acknowledging the mass shootings that have plagued the nation, increasing criminal incidents on Campus, students were more concerned about the Police being armed.

“I’m personally not for it,” said one student. “Why add guns to the problem?” 

But despite most acknowledging that increasing crime rates were a problem, many of the students maintained the stance that it would be best to leave the police unarmed.

4.    VIDEO: My personal account of the violence at UPitt’s Knowles-Polumbo debate

I never thought I would be in the middle of a violent physical battle on the streets of Pittsburgh, a practical war zone breaking out in my hometown. But it happened on Tuesday night.

Michael Knowles and Brad Polumbo were in Pennsylvania to debate transgender rights and the role of government in those rights. The protest itself, though, was an illustration that free speech and intellectual inquiry in America are being replaced with acts of intimidation and violence.

5.    WATCH: ‘When they want you silent, speak louder’: Riley Gaines attacked at SF State

Riley Gaines was attacked by a mob of pro-trans protesters on Thursday night during a “Save Women’s Sports” event at San Francisco State University (SFSU), which was exacerbated by a lack of safety planning by the University. During the incident, Gaines was allegedly hit by a biologically male transgender protester.

Campus Reform obtained video footage of the protests. Watch here.

Gaines was hosted by the California public university’s Turning Point USA (TPUSA) chapter, and the event was funded by the Leadership Institute, the parent organization of Campus Reform.