WATCH: College students combat woke intolerance on campus

Campus Reform correspondents appeared on Fox News to discuss the difficulty experienced by conservatives when they share their views on college campuses.

Campus Reform correspondents Wyatt Eichholz and Kale Ogunbor recently appeared on Fox News to discuss the intolerance of conservative views on college campuses. 

Fox News asked Eichholz for his “worst examples of political intolerance on campus in 2022.” Eichholz referenced reports from Campus Reform, including the coverage of protestors at the University of New Mexico who pulled the fire alarm during a Tomi Lahren event.

“Conservatives face physical intimidation coming from leftist students who don’t know how to reason with viewpoints they disagree with,” Eichholz said. 

Ogunbor described some of her experiences as a student at Pennsylvania State University. 

“I’m part of a pro-life club at my campus at Penn State, and this last semester, we had a Cemetery [of] the Innocents,” Ogunbor told Fox News. “And pro-choice students desecrated the memorial of the graves of these children.” 

Campus Reform has similarly reported on the desecration of pro-life memorials on college campuses. In September, protestors threw away flags from a “Cemetery of the Innocents” at the College of William and Mary. They also placed a sign in front of the display that said, “‘These flags represent how many HOT MOMS I’ve slept with this week.’” 

“People don’t realize, especially in our generation, that not everybody agrees with them on every single social or economic issue,” Ogunbor said. 

Fox News asked what conservative students can do to share their views without suppression. “Start these casual, candid conversations with your peers [who] might not agree with you, and let them realize that conservatives are not big, scary people,” Ogunbor said. 

Eichholz told Fox News, “Anyone who just wants to see a university be a place for a marketplace of ideas–we can keep hoping for that goal.”

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