WATCH: Conservative fought to win student government seat after being canceled for Fox News interview

Campus Reform Correspondent Sterling Mosley lost a position in the University of Texas at Austin student government after he appeared on Fox News to defend the song 'The Eyes of Texas.'

He later ran for the same position and won the university-wide representative seat.

One conservative student recently defied cancel culture to win an important political victory on his campus. 

Last semester, the University of Texas at Austin student government denied Sterling Mosley a university-wide representative position because he appeared on Fox News to defend the school’s song “The Eyes of Texas.” 

Yet, Mosley did not accept the result, especially after the student government had nominated him unanimously before news of his Fox interview broke. He decided to run for the seat and he won.

Mosley, who is also a Campus Reform Correspondent, appeared on Fox News on September 8, 2021. During the interview, he spoke about the importance of “The Eyes of Texas,” which at the time was subject to a federal civil rights complaint for allegedly creating a ”hostile environment for students of color.” 

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Student government members voted to block Mosley’s unanimous nomination in a 14-10 vote after they became aware of the interview. 

Mosley explained to Campus Reform that after the setback, he decided to run for the position, rather than be appointed, and mobilized a campaign to win back the seat.

”Now, I’m serving as a university-wide representative, the same position I was supposed to fill via the appointment, for this upcoming semester,” he said. 

He officially began his role last March and intends to be a “conservative” voice on campus.

”I’ll be able to give conservative students a voice and really share my viewpoint, which I’ve already begun thus far,” he stated.

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In addition to appearing on Fox News, student government members also considered Mosley’s role as a member of the Young Conservatives of Texas organization and his work for the student publication The Texas Horn as evidence to bar him from the position.

The latter was cited as a “right-wing news source.”

”When that happened during the appointment process, I was honestly more disappointed than anything,” Mosley said, “and more saddened that my fellow students were unwilling to hear different opinions, unwilling to actually consider that there’s another side to this issue that’s really contentious.”

Watch the full interview above.

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