WATCH: Conservative student journalist explains how he got pro-Hamas student to talk to him

Campus Reform Senior Correspondent Austin Browne recently spoke with Tala Alsharif, President of Students for Justice in Palestine at Youngstown State University in Ohio, who repeatedly declined to condemn Hamas.

Senior Campus Correspondent and Youngstown State University student Austin Browne joined Florida Student Reporter William Biagini for an interview on Oct. 19 to discuss his interaction with Tala Alsharif—a Students for Justice in Palestine president who repeatedly refused to condemn Hamas. 

“Very bluntly I asked, ‘Are you willing to condemn Hamas as a terrorist organization?’” Browne told Biagini. 

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“And the response I received was ‘Why should I condemn anything?’ She said that she would be willing to condemn violence, but she fell short of giving a condemnation of Hamas as a terrorist group,” he added. 

Browne also said, “Another thing that I noticed was when we were discussing Israel and Palestine and Hamas and all of these things, she accused me of equating Israel and Hamas as being on equal footing because in her view, she says that Israel is actually a military force while Hamas is not.”

“Clearly this is not true,” he continued. “Hamas is a militant organization and I explained that difference to her, but she seemed fairly unwilling to accept that.” 

Biagini then asked Browne, as a student journalist, to comment on antisemitism that “seems to be running wildly unchecked on college campuses today.” 

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Browne answered by pointing to a previous Campus Reform story in which a professor at Stanford University rounded up Jewish students in a classroom in an attempt to show what, in his view, are Israel’s actions against the Palestinians. 

“Singling out students like that in a classroom on the basis of their identity is obviously just disgusting,” Browne stated. He also added that, unfortunately, a lot of faculty and administrations have become accepting of “that kind of hate.”

Watch the full interview on YouTube. 

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