WATCH: Emma Meshell dismantles school pres. who said 'campus is not the place for free speech'

Campus Reform Correspondent Director Emma Meshell joined Fox Business host Trish Regan Thursday night to discuss a college president who claimed that “a campus is not the place for free speech.”

As Campus Reform  reported, Union College President David Harris made the argument in a recent Inside Higher Ed column. Harris claimed that “free speech, in its purest form, is an exercise in what is achieved when a person yells a view and then leaves, after which someone with an opposing perspective does the same.”

”The great irony of this that the whole point of this column was to disparage [Trump’s] free speech executive order,” Meshell said, referencing Trump’s March order stating that universities violating the First Amendment lose federal research funding dollars. “But, in doing so, this president actually proved that we need it.”

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Regan claimed that colleges do not tolerate “intellectual diversity” and wish for everyone else simply to have their own political biases.

The Fox Business host’s other guest, Fox Nation host Britt McHenry, opined that a fear to express conservative views carries on into the workplace.

”This isn’t even the only column that we’ve seen that is skeptical of Trump’s executive order,” Meshell noted, referencing a column co-written by UC Berkeley’s law dean, who called Trump’s executive order “unconstitutional.” 

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”It’s protecting the First Amendment,” Meshell said. “What is more constitutional than the First Amendment? And also, I don’t remember seeing anywhere in the Constitution that universities have a right to federal research dollars.”

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